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About email. the importance of backing up email. General Internet web mail box. Email or Email Services. Private and secure email. Web Mail Glossary.


If you plan to offer email services to customers/subscribers, you have the choice of supporting the service in-house or outsourcing it. You may think that you can leverage existing infrastructure and expertise to add email support in-house, and indeed this is a viable option for many companies. But if you want to offer differentiated, full-featured and secure email with high reliability levels, outsourcing is a much more attractive and compelling option. Outsourcing lets you concentrate on your core business and delegate email service delivery to someone else whose expertise is email. This helps you keep current in security, features, and high availability without a continuous investment in time and resources beyond the cost of the email application. Email or Email Services. If you do plan to outsource, be sure that your outsourced email provider has a proven track record.


Web mail all about email. Importance of backing up email. General Internet web mail box. Private and secure email.

Quick Mail Check

You just awake... your eyes are still shut
Still cant quite focus...still draggin your butt
You know you need coffee...can taste that first sip
You wait for the maker..and put the mug to your lip

The feeling is warm.... just what you need
But you know you need more..and it's something to read
The paper you say??? no...don't think so.. not it.
It's much more exciting... you can't wait to "click".

You boot up your click that icon...
Can't keep from're really turned on!
When the voice says "Welcome"...your heart skips a beat!!
You know you're addicted..all the friends that you'll meet.

And then you see wait with a stare....
The mail box lights up!! "you've got mail" waiting there!!
OH.. what a feeling!!.... you look with delight!
You hoped you'd have mail.... and you knew you were right!!

So you go thru the mail..... knowing this is the "Best"..
Reading this reading you go thru the rest.
Some you give the "delete" key....others get your first click
You know you must gotta be quick!

It is then that you hear it.... You can't wait to see
Your heart gets a flutter... who's name will it be?
And then there it is..... covering part of the screen
The sweet little know what that means!!!

"Quick mail check" you said in your mind.
But you just got an IM.... and you're pressing for time!
You know that you want to.... and respond you will
So you stop what you're doing.. and go for the thrill!

You "LOL" and "BRB", give kisses and Hugs...
You type and send words... refilling your mug
You give your good friend your attention and time
So that quick little mail check... turns to hours online


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Web Mail Glossary
Here you can find email glossary, web-based email flossary, and email terms.
Email Terms
Web-Based Email Glossary -->

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Email Glossary



Email Terms = Address Book

A database to store email addresses of individuals and groups that you correspond with, each labeled with an easy to remember nickname. You may have a personal address book within your email client and through your web-based mailbox.


Email Terms = Attachment

An attachment is a file that is sent along with an email message. The file can be of any type (for example a spreadsheet, a document, an image, or an mp3).



Email Terms = BCC

BCC (blind carbon copy) sends a copy of an email message to an "undisclosed" recipient. Their email address does not appear in the message.

This is in contrast to To and CC recipients, whose addresses do appear in the respective header lines. Every recipient of the message can see all the To and CC recipients, but can not see the BCC recipients.


Email Terms = Blacklist

A Blacklist is used by some services to collect sources of spam. Email traffic then can be filtered against a blacklist to remove spam. Blacklists can be created using domain or IP lists. Blacklisting not only impacts spam mailings but all email traffic—even by legitimate users of the domain or IP will be blocked.



Email Terms = Client ID

This is your account number with When you create an email service for your domain, you will be given a Client ID (account number). This account number helps us to identify your account and is the unique ID to allow you to access our online control center to manage your email service. The Client ID starts with the letter "c" (e.g. c51866).


Email Terms = Control Center

The Control Center can be accessed by clicking on the Client Login link on the homepage or by going to

With your Client ID and password, you can use your online Control Center account to add/delete mailboxes, add/delete aliases, and customize the look and feel of your email service pages. You can also upgrade your email service or update your current contact/billing information through the Control Center.


Email Terms = CNAME

A CNAME record is a domain alias, and points a host name to another host name. To offer (e.g., you need to verify with your Web host that they can create and maintain a CNAME setting.



Email Terms = DNS

DNS (Domain Name System) is a system that translates a domain name from letters ( into a numerical IP address. Each time you register a domain name you must specify your DNS (Domain Name Server) information. If you already own a domain, there it is no need to transfer your DNS to If you register a new domain through, the DNS for this domain will be hosted by for email purposes only.


Email Terms = DNS Host

When you register a new domain, the DNS information for your domain is typically hosted by your registrar, your Web host, or your ISP. In regards to using, the requirement to allow us to host an email service for your domain is that you can work with your DNS host to make a simple update to the MX Record in your DNS file. For a domain that you own, has no access to update or change the setting within your DNS file.

If you register a new domain through, the DNS for this domain will be hosted by for email purposes only.


Email Terms = Domain

The unique name that identifies an Internet site. You'll find it to the right of the @ sign in an email address. The domain name of is Domain names are issued by the National Science Foundation (NSF), and come with different extensions based on whether the domain belongs to a commercial enterprise (.com), an educational establishment (.edu), a government body (.gov), the military (.mil), a network (.net), or a nonprofit organization (.org).

To allow to host an email service, you must own your domain or register a new domain through



Email Terms = Email Client

A program used to read and send email messages. As opposed to the email server, which transports mail. Typical email clients are Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape Mail, or Eudora.


Email Terms = Email Header

The first part of an email message containing controlling and meta-data such as the Subject, origin and destination email addresses, the path an email takes, or its priority.



Email Terms = IMAP

Internet Messaging Access Protocol. A protocol that defines an email server and a way to retrieve mail from it. IMAP is a more recent and more advanced standard for mail storage than POP. It allows for messages to be kept in multiple folders, supports folder sharing, and online mail handling where email message need not be stored on the user's computer.


Email Terms = ISP

Internet Service Provider. A company that offers users access the Internet. To access an email account with, users will need to have access to the Internet through an ISP or through a private Internet connection (work, Internet cafe, etc).



Email Terms = LDAP

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. A protocol for accessing directory information. LDAP is used by browsers and email clients to look up email addresses.

LDAP is a simple form of DAP, the Directory Access Protocol, which provides access to X.500 directory services. Because DAP is complex and difficult to implement, it has not gained widespread acceptance. LDAP does not provide all the functionality of DAP, but is easier and less expensive to implement.



Email Terms = MIME

Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions. A method to send content other than ASCII text via email (file attachments). Arbitrary data is encoded as ASCII text for MIME. MIME increases the file size by 50-80%. Currently, most email clients support MIME and can send and receive files of arbitrary type.


Email Terms = MX Record

Mail exchange record, an entry in a domain name database that identifies the mail server that is responsible for handling emails for that domain name.

When more than one MX record is entered for any single domain name that is using more than one mail server, the MX record can be prioritized with a preference number that indicates the order in which the mail servers should be used.



Email Terms = Open Relay

Early in the Internet's history, everybody was allowed to use everybody else's SMTP server to send email messages. The server would take the email message and forward it to the intended recipient.

Spammers exploited that trust and sent unsolicited messages through somebody else's mail server, thereby masking their real identity to the recipient. This is why most mail servers will not accept messages for relaying today. Servers that will accept such messages are known as open relays.



Email Terms = POP

Post Office Protocol. A protocol that defines an email server and a way to retrieve mail from it. Incoming messages are stored at a POP server until the user logs in and downloads the messages to their computer. The current version is POP3.

While SMTP is used to transfer email messages from server to server, POP is used to collect mail with an email client from a server.



Email Terms = SMTP

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. The protocol used for email on the Internet. It defines a message format and a procedure to route messages through the Internet from source to destination via email servers.


Email Terms = Spam

UBE (unsolicited bulk email), UCE (unsolicited bulk email), unsolicited commercial email. Spam is unsolicited email. Not all unsolicited email is spam, however. Most spam is sent in bulk to a large number of email addresses and advertises some product or—far less often—political viewpoint.

Spam is an email message that you did not ask for and do not want from somebody you do not know, who wants to sell you something. Do not reply to spam In the event that spam sneaks past bulk spam, delete it and forget about it. Replying or attempting to unsubscribe to junkemail typically only informs the sender that they have found anactive email address to send more spam.



Email Terms = Web-Based Email

An email account that is accessed through a Web browser. The interface is implemented as a website that provides access to the various functions like reading, sending or organizing messages. Emails are typically not downloaded to the user's computer but stored on the web-based email service provider's servers.


Email Terms = Web Mail Address

Also known as the Web Mail URL. All email services offered by offer mailboxes with access via the Web. That is, all users can access their mailboxes using popular Internet browsers such as Internet Explorer and Netscape to send/receive mail.


Web Mail
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As I turn on my computer
The first thing that I see
Is all the spam e-mail
That’s waiting there for me!

analyzing computer

I just don’t understand
Why they bug me so!
Oh, this computer;
And some of its woes!

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All that I want
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How they got my name.
But I know one thing
They really are a pain!

analyzing computer

The pop- ups are annoying,
They make me want to scream.
Cause when I try to read
They take up my whole screen.

analyzing computer

I love my computer,
I use it every day.
But I sure do wish
The spam would go away!

analyzing computer

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