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This way for the young and young at heart. And this way for the feeble minded. Our doors are open with smiling people, greeted bands of ghosts, ghouls, hobgoblins, and witches with delicious treats. Were adding neighbors telling stories and sharing common tales. Woo ho, your in for a trick or a treat.


Along with some mischief, celebrations, public events to celebrate bountiful harvests. There is All Souls' Day, to honor the deceased.


The Feast of the Hungry Ghosts is a Hallowe'en festival in China. The souls of the dead, particularly during the seventh lunar month, wander the earth in search of affection. They are known as the hungry ghosts because of their hunger for recognition and care. On All Saints' Day Catholics attend church services in honor of the saints, the martyrs and those who have died for the Catholic faith.


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Mysticial Realms
Dark Greetings
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Halloween Is In The Air


Harvest moon up in the sky,
Watching silhouettes of witches fly.
Eerie squalling of black cats,
Flitting of the swooping bats.
As we feel the Autumn breeze,
Swirling winds catch colored leaves.
Trick or treaters everywhere,
Halloween is in the air.


Pumkins carved with candles lit,
Glowing on windows sills they sit.
Smiling scarecrows stuffed with hay,
Keeping goblins all at bay.
Friendly sheets of ghosts say boo,
Trying to scare someone like you.
Trick or treaters everywhere,
Halloween is in the air.


Kids in costumes parading to and fro,
Collecting goodies as they go.
Dressed as pirates and a princess in blue,
There is a cowboy and a cowgirl too.
Candy flows as door bells chime,
Yummie treats and chocolate sublime.
Trick or treaters everywhere,
Halloween is in the air.


Harvest moon grows full and bright,
On this wonderful fun filled night.
A time of excitement a time of play,
On this unique adventurous day.
Other times could not be like now,
Not any way and no how.
Trick or treaters everywhere,
Halloween is in the air.


October thirty first is filled with joy,
For every young girl and young boy.
But howling winds and dark of night,
Could give you somewhat of a fright.
Alas! head home darkness is near,
But Halloween will be back next year.
With trick or treaters everywhere,
When Halloween is in the air.


By:Jeffie Duncan



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