David Bowie Is Here The 7-Inch Action Figure is finally in stock. 2 Cool

This Dorothy Wouldn't Fly in Kansas

There Are Rats at the Movies!

Train Your Clone Troopers!

Unleash Your Inner Autobot Hero


Here's something special. This Star Wars Boba Fett Evolution Paper Giclée shows two early concepts of the galaxy's most famous bounty hunter. In the lower right-hand corner is the Ralph McQuarrie concept illustration that was famously made into an action figure in 2007. On the left is the original prototype armor built by Joe Johnston and his crew in the late 1970s, which is actually different from the suits used in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Wow! Be sure to get this awesome giclée and proudly hang it on your wall.
Prototype Star Wars Boba Fett Artwork


Be very afraid. The Living Dead Dolls Red Riding Hood & Big Bad Wolf Set brings you Red and her "grandmother," complete with fur, fangs, and gobs of blood. Of course, Ms. Hood is a little ghoulish herself with bizarre eyes, pale skin, and makeup that seems to have been inspired by an Alice Cooper show. If you dare, bring home this pair by pre-ordering now! Be Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf


Tomy's Zoids robot toy kits have been loved by fans in Japan and around the world since 1982. Originally, they were wind-up and battery-powered toys, but the new Zoids Shield Liger Die-Cast Action Figure is a totally different beast-- literally. With 24 points of articulation and 90 die-cast metal parts, it doesn't walk around like the old ones, but it does have a heft that you won't see in other kits. What's more, the 17-inch long monster includes 5 different pilot figures, interchangeable fangs, stickers, and other gear specially designed so you can customize it the way you see fit. It's remarkable, and a real centerpiece in your collection. Pre-order yours now! Big Zoids with Real Metal


The thing to remember about Jack Skellington is that he means well. Sure, he looks malicious in the Nightmare Before Christmas Graveyard Jack Water Ball, but all he really wants to do is mix up his life a bit by helping Santa make Christmas even better! Oh, poor Jack. This awesome globe celebrates his exploits in trying to get a new job which, well, didn't go so splendidly for him. At least he prevented Oogie Boogie from killing Santa, right? Jack's Dream Is Christmas' Nightmare


What do tiny pets have to say? Find out in the Littlest Pet Shop Collect and Get 3.0 Diary Pets Wave 1 Set, where you can write what they did today! Each little pet has an exclusive booklet for you to keep track of their comings and goings. Don't miss out! Read the Littlest Pet Shop Diary


More Action Figuers


From tiki bars to the Enchanted Tiki Room, everybody loves a good tiki. Hasbro's awesome Super Soaker Mt. Tiki-Soki will fire water every which way, giving your kids something to run away from in your back yard. You know, aside from the dogs. Be sure to make your summer a whole lot cooler. Everybody Loves a Tiki


From the new Harry Potter movie, this limited edition Meet Bellatrix Lestrange! Mini Bust manages to capture Helena Bonham Carter as an incredibly well designed 10-inch tall mini bust! She's posed and ready for magical combat, and her stony base brings out her eyes quite nicely. Don't miss this incredible collectible from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix!

We went through our warehouses and found something you might be interested in! A Blast From Star Wars' Past! From 1997, the the Star Wars Retooled Darth Vader Action Figure 4-Pack Not Mint contains four no-longer-available action figures... but one of those figures is really quite special. The Darth Vader in this set is a very difficult to find variation-- rather than the Darth Vader usually sold on an individual card in those days, this one is a different mold which was used in the Shadows of the Empire 2-pack. To meet demand for figures, Kenner used this mold when cranking out a batch of Darth Vaders for this formerly exclusive set, and we have some of the last units available everywhere! This is a great set to finish off your collection of Darth Vaders, and a wonderful way to start your collection of action figures. Supplies are limited, so get your set before it's gone forever!


We have a 14-piece set of action figures coming up this Fall, and we're ready to reveal #4! The latest entry in our Star WarsMystery Pack Action Figure Set is Rav Bralor! A female Mandalorian who took the job of training the Clone Troopers on Kamino! Fans and collectors alike will be thrilled to know this newly sculpted figure is loaded with articulation, and has great features like her removable helmet. What does she look like underneath? Well, we're going to be keeping some things about her a mystery.


So are you Slytherin, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff? The soft and fuzzy (Celebrate the new Harry Potter Movie; Get Sorted By the Hat!) Harry Potter Sorting Hat Plush will make the decision for you, deciding your fate much like standardized testing but without all the nasty little bubbles you'd have to fill in. Bring this mystical object home, and be the envy of all your muggle friends!


Darth Vader meets Humpty Dumpty


Help Spider-Man Save the Bank

Brush Your Teeth, Sing a Song You've had the experience of singing in the shower, but have you ever had someone sing to you while you brush your teeth? With Hasbro's Tooth Tunes, you can have a two-minute concert right in your mouth! Shortened versions of hit songs like YMCA (The Village People), We Will Rock You (Queen), and Let's Get It Started (Black Eyed Peas) will play directly in your mouth as your move the brush back and forth, cleaning your teeth to the music! Give it a try, batteries are included and there's fun in every package.


Here comes the King of the Monsters! Godzilla Vinyl Wars Classic Image Godzilla Sofubi Vinyl Figure - Entertainment Earth Exclusive - Free Shipping


Sold Out= Dancing Robots Are Invading! Why didn't we fund SETI when we had the chance? The Transformers Electronic Beatmix Bumblebee Figure is coming from another planet to interface with your iPods and MP3 players, and when he does, there will be plenty of dancing! This little guy will remix your music and get down to the beat, transforming your tunes into a mad remix that would make a DJ proud. (Or at least, a very young DJ proud.) Why settle for non-dancing toys when this one is going to make your day all the more fun? Be sure to order yours now!
Lost Claire Littleton Bobble Head - SDCC Exclusive
She Came from Planet Claire


When it comes to the amazing Universal Monsters Select The Curse-Free Mummy Action Figure, we give you one promise. A curse is not included. Based on the classic Universal monster pictures, this bandaged man from a bygone era comes entombed in a plastic package, ready to creep out any who dare disturb his slumber. Don't let this artifact slip through your fingers!


Battlestar Galactica Cylon and Captain Apollo Action Figures Here



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